What to Expect in the NFL Week 4

We are approaching the last week of the first month of the NFL season. With almost a month of exciting games and growing PPH sportsbook football betting markets, we can only expect things to get even better as the months roll by. Today, we will take a look at some of the most highly anticipated games for the NFL Week 4.

Some games may not hold as much value as other games wagering wise, but there are quite a few that stand out. One such game will be an international one as the Vikings play the Saints in London. The game will be on Sunday, 9:30 AM ET, with the Vikings as the favorite at -3. There is a six-hour difference between London and the timezone that the Vikings are in, so we will see if it will have any effect on their performance. If so, get your best sportsbook pay per head software loaded to adjust lines, especially for live betting.

What to Expect in the NFL Week 4NFL Week 4

You also have the Browns playing at the Falcons on Sunday, at a much more decent time for football at 1:00 PM ET. Keep in mind that the lines opened with the Browns at -2.5, and are now -1. If you keep track of bookie industry news as well as sports news, you know by now that Myles Garrett figured in a car accident, and Cleveland will also not have Jadeveon Clowney. Atlanta could take advantage of this, especially with such a strong offense.

Then, you also have the Bills at Ravens, at the same time. The Bills are favored to win at-3, especially since the Ravens are having a weak defense this year. The Ravens are surrendering around 353.3 passing yards a game on the average. They are the only team in the league with that high a number, exceeding 300 yards. Facing Josh Allen, this could get brutal.

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By Dominic