Getting Started with Soccer Betting

You’re on the right page if you are new to soccer betting or soccer in general. Today, we’ll discuss topics you need to know when wagering on soccer matches.

Do you want to know how long the soccer wagering season is? Are you confused about the added time at the end of matches? We’ll talk about those topics and more to get you started with betting on soccer.

The first thing you need to know about soccer is that games are on running time. Thus, the game clock doesn’t stop from the opening whistle to the end. According to sports betting facts and figures, a regular season game has two halves with a length of 45 minutes each. Also, they blow the whistle to stop the game for injuries, fouls, and goals. However, the game clock continues to run. Therefore, injury time is added at the end of the half or match to compensate for game’s stoppages.

What You Need to Know about Soccer Betting

Getting Started with Soccer BettingThe best about soccer is that there are sports betting opportunities throughout the year. So players don’t need to wait long to find the next game to bet on.

According to soccer news sources, most European leagues start preseason in July, and the regular season begins in August. After that, it runs until May of the following year. In light of everything, there’s only a two-month off-season.

It is simple to follow and wager on a league from a regular season position. For instance, the English Premier League has 20 teams, and teams face each other twice during the season. Thus, teams have a 38-game schedule.

When you are a beginner, start with a single tournament or league. However, it would be best if you considered following several leagues during the year. Regular season games occur once or twice a week, but teams participating in international competitions have games throughout the year.