How to Bet on the NBA Play-in Tournament

If you bet on basketball, then you are familiar with the NBA, and how the season runs. While this is a relatively new part of the season, the Play-In tournament brings in a lot of excitement in the league. For sportsbooks, it also brings in more action. If you want to win big on the end of the NBA Regular season, then here is our guide on how to bet on the NBA Play-in Tournament.

The Play-In is smack in the middle of the regular season, and will determine the last playoff lineup, so this stretch is very important to teams. A lot of teams try to get their seeding to a higher rank to avoid getting into the Play-In. But for teams who slide down to 7th seed and below, they will get a chance to secure their playoff spots by winning in the Play-In tournament. This is why even in sportsbooks, there will be a lot of interest in these games.

Your NBA Betting Options

How to Bet on the NBA Play-in TournamentIf you would like to double your excitement, and possibly even more than double what you win from basketball betting, you can also learn how to open a basketball betting site. Since the tournament will not happen until April 16, you have more than enough time to do this. As an NBA bookie, you get to earn from all of the bets on all of the games for the remainder of the season.

But if you want to stick to basketball betting, you can also explore betting on other leagues. The dynamics will differ if you would bet on the NCAA Tournament, for instance. You can also easily learn how to bet on college basketball. But with just the Championship game available this season, most basketball betting action goes to the NBA. The NBA landscape is quick to change and evolve over the years, so betting on the NBA is never boring, and always unpredictable.

How to Bet on the NBA Play-in Tournament

  • Understand the NBA Play-in Tournament. The In-Play Tournament is sort of a mini-tournament within the NBA season. This part will determine the final playoff seeds, so it is very important to the league. Thus, bettor or bookie, you need to understand which teams qualify for the tournament, what will happen to them as they win the In-Play tournament games, and so on.
  • Know the Betting Options. Your next step is to look at the betting options you have in the Play-in tournament. Aside from your regular game wagering options, you can also place other prop bets that are unique to this leg of the season.
  • Manage Your Bankroll. Of course, regardless of any sport you bet on, you need to stick to your bankroll. This prevents you from unnecessary losses, and helps you be more selective with the bets you make.
  • Look for Bonuses. Lastly, make sure that you are making use of ways to add value to your bets. Some sportsbooks will offer bonuses specific to the Play-in Tournament, so keep an eye out for the most enticing ones and make use of them.


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By Dominic