Getting Started with Overwatch Betting

Overwatch is one of the latest eSports to have a professional league. The Overwatch League has twenty teams representing cities from across the globe. Also, the tournament offers many Overwatch betting opportunities. Here’s a tutorial on how to get started with wagering on the eSports game.

Aside from the Overwatch League, there are other international competitions related to the game, including the Overwatch Contenders and Overwatch World Cup. Also, there are domestic tournaments you can wager on.

Our guide will provide you with what you need to know to start wagering on Overwatch. We will tackle the different betting options and factors to consider before placing a bet on the game.

Basics of Overwatch Betting

Getting Started with Overwatch BettingWhen betting on Overwatch, you need to know the match formats. In the Overwatch League, teams play at least four games on different maps. Also, the winning team gets the point. So the team with the most points after four games is the winner. According to bookie pay per head experts, teams will play the fifth game if there’s a tie after four games.

During the playoffs, matches will use the first-to format. The first team to win a specific number of maps will be the winner. However, organizers usually use the best-of-five format for tournaments outside the league. Some tournaments play a best-of-seven format.

When betting on Overwatch, you must know how to read the odds. Odds in eSports are similar to those of traditional sports. Thus, if you are not new to sports betting, you can easily understand Overwatch odds.

According to sports betting news sources, the common Overwatch betting types are Map Winner, Match Winner, Totals, and Futures Betting.

Map Winner and Match Winner are self-explanatory. However, they do have their differences. Map Winner betting is similar to moneyline bets, where players pick the winner. On the other hand, Match Winner is like a point spread. The favorite will have a predetermined number of points subtracted from their score.

These are some things you need to know when betting on Overwatch games. If you want to earn money from eSports betting, we recommend becoming a bookie. That way, you’ll make money no matter which team wins. Also, we suggest reading bookie business strategies to optimize your profits.

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