What You Need to Become a Bookie

Learning how to become a bookie will not happen overnight. But it also will not take you months or years. You do not need to study a course, take training, or learn how to make websites and software. Learn about what you need to become a bookie – from the skills you will need to the correct software to use to easily manage a sportsbook.

Of course, to be a bookie, you need a thorough understanding of sports betting. You need to know how bets are formed, how people place bets, and how they win or lose these bets. It naturally follows that you need a working knowledge of the sports industry. You cannot offer NBA betting if you do not know how the NBA works, and how the season is structured.


What You Need to Become a Bookie

What You Need to Become a BookieThe best recommendation anyone in the industry can give you is to use a good bookie pay per head software. The concept of a pay per head software is very simple: a provider will give you access to a software specifically made to help you manage every aspect of your sportsbook. In return, you pay a per player, or per head fee. It is based on every active player you have each week, regardless of how frequent they place bets.

You will also need to be able to fund your sportsbook operation. If you are wondering how much does a sports betting software cost, its actually pretty affordable. If a pay per head software offers you $5 per head, and you have 50 players, then you have access to the software for $250 a week. This is very affordable, considering creating your own from scratch will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the lower overhead cost, you can spend more money and time with marketing and promotions, like offering bonuses to get new players to join your sportsbook.

Remember that the pay per head fee is a flat rate, so if you have a player who places 5 bets each week, you can easily recoup your pay per head fee from the vig alone. With good line and player management skills, you can easily become a successful bookie in no time.


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By Dominic