Soccer Betting: Double Chance Guide

Double chance wagers are only available to people who bet on soccer. However, some sportsbooks also offer the wager for hockey. Also, the betting type is available in sports with three possible results.

In soccer, Team A can win, Team B can win, or they end up in a draw. You are betting on two possible results when you place a double chance wager. For instance, United and City are playing a Manchester derby. The online bookie software would generate the odds as follows:

  • Manchester United and Draw +110
  • Manchester United and Manchester City -300
  • Manchester City and Draw -500

As you can see, betting $500 on Manchester City and Draw would pay out $100 if Man City wins outright or ends in a draw. So the only way for the wager to lose is for Manchester United to win the derby.

Double Chance Guide

Soccer Betting: Double Chance GuideIf you have the option to bet on one of three possible outcomes, your chance of winning the wager is 33.33 percent (one out of three).

With a double chance wager, your odds of winning climb to 66.67 percent. Your double chance wager encompasses two of the three outcomes.

With this form of wager, you spread your risk, dramatically improving your winning odds. The drawback is the reduced payoff on the other end.

As with any wager, you must do your research before making a wise betting selection. Therefore, we propose that you read soccer news. During your research, if you come across a team that is playing well against a team that is performing poorly, you may find it more profitable to place a normal moneyline or point spread wager.

In situations where two teams may be more evenly matched, and if the odds reflect this, the double chance plan may be the more prudent option. Betting on a favorite and the draw covers the two most likely outcomes and provides you with two opportunities to win rather than one.

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