MLB Betting Tips: Listed Pitchers

There are several ways to wager on MLB games, including totals, run lines, and moneylines. Another baseball betting option is Listed Pitchers. Thus, we provide a guide on how to do so.

Listed Pitchers means betting on whether the two starting pitchers listed would start the game. For instance, the best bookie software would have four betting options for the Cardinals and Cubs match:

  • Action – Bets will have action regardless of changes to the pitchers.
  • Miles Mikolas – He must be the starter for the bet to have action.
  • Marcus Stroman – He must start for the wager to have action.
  • Both Pitchers – Both pitchers should start for the wager to have action.

Listed Pitchers

MLB Betting Tips: Listed PitchersIf you wagered on both pitchers, the sportsbook would void the wager and refund it if either of the listed pitchers doesn’t start the match. It is a good baseball betting option for bettors. For instance, you bet on the Cubs and want Stroman to be the starter. In that example, you can bet on Stroman listed pitcher option instead of both starting pitchers.

If Stroman is not the starting pitcher for whatever reason, the bookie will refund your wager. However, if Mikolas doesn’t start, there will still have action.

There are several benefits and virtually no disadvantages to betting on listed pitchers markets.

First, betting on specified pitchers guarantees that the pitching matchup cannot be altered. The starting pitcher is the most valuable position in MLB game handicapping.

The appearance of an ace as a late scratch can have different effects on wagers. First, if the ace is not starting, you may no longer favor the team to win. Second, the wager’s odds will vary substantially.

To limit in-house risk, bookie pay per head operators offer listed pitchers. However, players may also use the betting market to manage risk. In most instances, we advise players to employ listed pitchers betting options.