How does Live Betting on the Next Field Goal Work?

Many players love live betting during NBA games because the lead can change at any point in the game. Betting in-game can be as lucrative and fun as putting traditional wagers on basketball games. Thus, we present the next field goal option for this basketball betting tutorial.

Betting on the next field goal is a wager on whether the next basket is a two- or three-pointer. Also, you are not betting on the player who would score the basket. Instead, you are wagering on the type of field goal that any player scores. Free throws are not part of the wager.

Betting on the Next Field Goal

How does Live Betting on the Next Field Goal Work?For example, you are live betting on the next field goal of the Bucks and Suns game. The pay per head bookie would list it as:

  • Two-Point Field Goal -135
  • Three-Point Field Goal +150

For every $1 staked on the two-point field goal, you would win $0.74. If you wagered on the three-pointer and it was successful, you would receive $1.50 for every dollar staked.

When wagering on the next field goal, it is essential to understand that the two-pointer will always be juiced. Therefore, you will pay a considerable premium to win less when betting on twos.

The true benefit of wagering on the next field goal lies in finding the perfect moments to select the three-pointer.

Since the three-pointer will be available at a plus-money price, you should focus on proficient teams from beyond the arc. The Los Angeles Clippers were the only club in the 2020-21 NBA season to shoot over 40 percent from deep. You may begin there.

The Clippers made slightly over 14 three-pointers per game on average. The challenge is knowing when to wager on the number three.

Make sure you read sportsbook pay per head reviews to determine if the sports betting platform offers live betting on the next field goal.