A Guide to Betting on the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a couple of months away. However, many sportsbooks are already accepting futures betting on the NFL draft. Here’s a rundown on the types of wagers you can make on the NFL Draft.

More people bet on draft-related wagers in the past few years. Also, football news, information, and stats are readily available online. However, there are still some mysteries about what players can wager during the draft. That’s why we made this tutorial to help you get started.

Betting on the NFL Draft

A Guide to Betting on the NFL DraftBetting on the draft is dependent on the sportsbook you use. Some may have a few basic options, such as the first player picked. Other sites may provide the first position, the first school, the first three players, etc. Essentially, depending on where you choose to engage, the door is wide open. Here are some examples of frequent betting options.

The most common one is the First Player Selected in the Draft. It is comparable to wagering on NASCAR when picking the winner of a race. Thus, all you must do is select the player you believe will be selected first on draft day.

The second betting type is What Position Will be Selected First. Well, it is self-explanatory for people who bet on football. You don’t need to pick a specific player. Instead, select the position you think will become the number one pick.

Then, there’s the Team’s First Player Pick. Instead of picking the overall top pick, you select a team first and the player they are likely to pick first.

Lastly, there’s the Position a Team Will Pick First. It is like the previous betting type, except you choose a specific position.

These are some betting options you have during the National Football League draft. Hopefully, our guide can help you during the next draft.

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