Over/under bets in football is a polarizing topic. Most players prefer to bet on over. However, there are times when both teams are known for their defense. As a result, under is the most likely result. Handicapping NFL over/under wagers is a good way of becoming a successful player. Finding value in NFL totals is an exciting and profitable method to bet throughout the NFL season.

Over/under bets are also called totals. It is a wagering type where the bookie sets a value on the total points the teams will score in a single game. Then, you pick whether the actual combined score will be over or under the set value.

Guide to NFL Over/Under Betting

NFL Over/Under Betting GuideBetting over/under is one of the most reliable ways to profit from NFL betting. According to pay per head bookie reports, several strategies will improve your profitability when betting on NFL totals.

The first strategy is line shopping. You must find the best odds when betting on totals. NFL bettors love betting on over. As a result, lines often move. When players bet the over, bookies need to adjust the line to attract more action on under.

If you choose to bet on over, you must place your bet earlier in the week. That way, you avoid line movement caused by the public. On the other hand, our BookieINTEL.com experts suggest waiting until the last moment if you want to bet on under.

Aside from the usual totals, you can also wager on prop bets. Three NFL player prop wagers have a set total value you can bet on – Passing Props, Receiving Props, and Rushing Props. In addition, you can read football news and NFL stats to make better betting decisions on props.

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