Japan Arrests Officials on Tokyo Olympics Bribery

When reading bookie industry news, you get a mix of sportsbook industry news, technology news, and sports news. And when it comes to such, controversies are not spared. For instance, you have the issue of Tokyo Olympics bribery recently come out. And Japan is serious about it, arresting a former Tokyo Olympic organizing committee board member as well as three other individuals.

Haruyuki Takahashi is a former executive at Dentsu, a popular advertising company. He is suspected of receiving bribes from the former head of Aoki Holdings, Inc., and two company employees. Aoki creates recruit suits, which is clothing wear for fresh graduates that they wear for job interviews. They were a surprise pick as an official sponsor to dress the Japanese National Olympic team.

And if you manage your pay per head sportsbook well and keep track of the Olympics, you know that in the past, many countries use the best designers from the world, even luxury brands, to create athlete gear.

Tokyo Olympics Bribery for Sponsorship

Japan Arrests Officials on Tokyo Olympics BriberyThe bribery is allegedly worth $380,000, which was deposited to the bank account of Takahashi’s company. This happened from October 2017, up to March of this year. This amount is said to be the reason why the company was selected as a sponsor to the prestigious tournament. Of course, corruption in an event as prominent as the Olympics is always there, but these developments are enough to make the government worry about their Olympic ambitions.

Takahashi was able to generate $3 billion in local sponsorships for the Tokyo Games. Dentsu is also a party to many major events in the country, the Olympics included. In addition, Japan also wants to host the 2030 Winter Olympics in Sapporo. For more news and to earn from Olympic betting, make sure that you are using the latest gambling technology for your sports betting operation.


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By Dominic