2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule

In the latest sports news, we are giving you the 2023 FIFA Womens World Cup schedule. The final matches to finalize the Round of 16 will be held this weekend. And if what we have seen so far is but a preview of the rest of the tournament, then we are up for an amazing time.

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This tournament is the first time that we will have an expanded 32 country format. There are eight groups of four teams, similar to the format of the Men’s World Cup. The next few matches will be as follows for the group stage.

2023 FIFA Womens World Cup Schedule

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup ScheduleSaturday, July 29 will have matches for Group F, France versus Brazil and Panama versus Jamaica. Group G will also have a match between Sweden and Italy. For July 30, Group A will have Switzerland versus co-host New Zealand, and Norway versus the Philippines. Group H will have matches between Germany versus Colombia, as South Korea versus Mexico. Your sportsbook pay per head software will be offering lines to these matches so you need not worry with the tight schedule.

July 31 will have us watch Japan face Spain, and Costa Rica go against Zambia, Canada Versus Australia, and Ireland versus Nigeria. On August 1, Tuesday, we have China versus England, and Haiti versus Denmark. Portugal will face the USA, and Vietnam will go against the Netherlands. On August 2, France will face Panama, while Jamaica will play against Brazil. Argentina and Sweden will also play, and you can also watch South Africa play against Italy. August is the busiest day in this round, as you can also watch the matches between South Korea and Germany, and Morocco versus Colombia.

Meanwhile, the round of 16 will have three matches on August 5, one on August 6, two on August 7, and the last two on August 8. The quarterfinals will be from August 10-12, and the semifinals will be from April 15-16. Finally, the Third place match will be on August 19, and the Final match on August 20.


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By Dominic