Yankees Versus Guardians ALDS Game 2 Postponed

In the latest baseball news, the weather is rearranging the MLB’s postseason this early on. Rain forced the MLB to postpone and reschedule Game 2 of the ALDS between the Yankees versus Guardians to Friday. Initially, first pitch was set for 7:37 PM of Thursday night. However, the weather forecast states that the majority of Thursday is expected to be cloudy and rain is expected to last into Friday morning.

Game 2 will now take place on Friday at 1:07 PM ET instead. Of course, any adjustment on the lines and wagers will automatically be handled by your sportsbook pay per head software, so no need to worry about that. And since the delay in schedule is just for another day, it won’t matter too much. It is, after all, not the first inconvenience that the league has seen due to the weather this week.

Yankees Versus Guardians ALDS Game 2 Postponed

Yankees Versus Guardians ALDS Game 2 PostponedThe Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies played Game 2 after enduring a three-hour rain delay on Wednesday’s game. The Yankees and Guardians, however, do not have a similar playable window coming their way today, so the game was postponed. The heaviest rain is anticipated to hit New York right around what would’ve been first pitch, so it really is a good call to just postpone the game.

The ALDS initially had Friday off, so moving up Game 2 was simple. However, because of the postponement, the two teams must play Games 2–5 over a four-day span (if Games 4 and 5 are necessary). So while they do get a short reprieve, their weekend is only going to get busier, with less rest between the games in their series. The Yankees are currently 1-0 in the best of five series. Check your software sportsbook for the latest changes on betting lines for the upcoming MLB games, especially for postponed games.


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