Where Will Lionel Messi Play Next Season?

Player transfers in soccer are pretty popular know, especially when you talk to people who bet on soccer. And when big names like Lionel Messi gets thrown around, expect the rumor mill to go crazy. Some rumors may end up to be true, while some are either misleading, or wishful thinking. Either way, Lionel Messi’s contract gives him the freedom to choose where he will play next year, and everyone has their own guess.

Odds on where he will be playing will probably be in sportsbook software found in the likes of SportsBettingSolutionAsia.com. Many believe that he will be staying with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), while some believe he may go back to Barcelona. Is the rift between Messi and Barca healed enough for him to go back, though?

Lionel Messi’s Future in Soccer

Where Will Lionel Messi Play Next Season?Lionel Messi has a two-year contract with PSG, which he signed last year. Thus, his contract will expire this summer. Barcelona has been vocal about wanting Messi back, but Messi reportedly refuses to speak with representatives of the club. As for PSG, he does have a renewal contract at the ready, and many think he could take that as he is enjoying his time with PSG so far.

However, it is also rumored that the Argentinian soccer superstar is more focused on the present, and the more immediate World Cup this winter. And while many will still debate on whether Messi will stay or go, we prefer to keep an eye out on the World Cup as well. As the biggest event in soccer, it will be very popular for sports fans and bettors. So if you want to make money from World Cup betting, make sure you get a sportsbook software with complete bookie PPH features to help you.


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