The Los Angeles Clippers Beat the Los Angeles Lakers in First Game

In the latest in basketball betting news, we are taking a look at two Los Angeles NBA teams and their first game against each other. In a very exciting game to watch, the Los Angeles Clippers Beat the Los Angeles Lakers as the Clippers open their season. The Clippers win 103-97, and it is also the 9th consecutive regular season win against the Lakers.

This kind of streak is worth noting when making your basketball betting picks as the stats can help guide you with making better wagers. The Clippers, however are somewhat restarting their team, and are doing remarkably well. Paul George leads the scoring with 15 points and 10 rebounds. You also have Ivica Zubac, who is at 14 points and 17 rebounds. Newbie John Wall scores 15 points as well. Kawhi Leonard, who returns to the Clippers finally after recovering from a torn ACL, scores 14 points, with 7 rebounds.

Los Angeles Clippers are Off to a good Start

The Los Angeles Clippers Beat the Los Angeles Lakers in First GameOf course, if we look over to the other side, Bookie PPH favorite LeBron James leads the Lakers with 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists. He was, however, no the highest scorer that evening. Lonnie Walker IV has 26 points, and Anthony Davis scored 25 points. But despite the huge scoring, they only shot 35.1% from the field, so it is not enough for them to win the game.

Many Clippers fans are looking at Leonard, who seems to be slowly getting his groove back, as well as John Wall, for their chances at winning more games. If they continue to score even better than they did in their first game, then we will definitely be seeing the Clippers as favorites in betting lines. As for the Lakers, well, they always have the star power. They just really need to show us why they deserve the support that loyal Lakers fans are giving them.


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By Dominic