NFL Heads Over to London This Weekend

The NFL is known to travel to promote the sport, and provide fans with new venues for games. Naturally, those who are into football betting will be keeping track of this, since changes in venues, time zones, and long travelling can definitely change the outcome of a game. We’ll take a look at this weekend as the NFL heads over to London.

Our latest NFL news features the upcoming game between the Broncos and the Jaguars as they face each other in the historic Wembley Stadium in London. The game will be at 9:30 AM ET, so its definitely early for a high-profile game. This will be the third and final game that the NFL will be having in London. The Denver Broncos, are tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars 2-5. And given their straight losses, are desperate for a win.

NFL Heads Over to London: What to Expect

NFL Heads Over to London This WeekendDenver is somehow turning it into tradition to sit at the bottom of the AFC West. However, Broncos fans are hopeful that they could rise above the ranks since getting Russell Wilson. But the Jaguars showed us a sample of what they can do when they previously beat the Colts and the Chargers. Trevor Lawrence played spectacularly in those two games. The challenge will be Lawrence facing, and surviving the defense of the Colts.

If the Jaguars can face the defense of the Colts, then they have a chance of winning this game. They are also the NFL team who has played the most in London, so any familiarity they have will be an advantage. But with James Robinson out, experts are wondering what will happen to the Jaguars’ backfield. Given how uncertain the chances both teams have, it will surely make for an exciting game that will need sportsbook pay per head services to manage your sportsbook well.


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By Dominic