NCAA Big 12 is Finalizing Model for 2023 Season

In the latest college football news, the 2023 and 2024 football schedules for the NCAA Big 12 are currently being finalized. Well, it could possibly be called the Big 14 now, due to the changes. The conference is putting together a schedule for a 14-team league that would feature newcomers BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, and UCF, as well as Texas and Oklahoma, who will play two more seasons in the Big 12 before switching to the SEC for the 2025 season.

While the reshuffling in the next season may confuse fans, the best sports betting software will be on top of it, ready to offer lines based on the schedule and structure of the NCAA. What we know so far is that all 14 teams will play each other at least once during the temporary two-year rotation that is part of the nine-game league schedules.


NCAA Big 12 is Finalizing Model for 2023 Season

NCAA Big 12 is Finalizing Model for 2023 SeasonPermanent rivals will be determined for both seasons without interfering with significant rivalries. The Big 12 will not compete in divisions during those two years, but it may do so in 2025 when the league returns to 12 teams. It definitely sounds confusing, but all will be made clear soon enough. The schedule’s specifics were initially revealed to the public, which also noted that Big 12 administrators had approved the structure this week in Dallas.

However, discussions and agreements about the broadcast of the games must be made and then confirmed. When the Longhorns and Sooners join the Big 12 in 2025, ESPN will replace Fox as the SEC’s exclusive television partner. Currently, Fox and ESPN collaborate on Big 12 content, but Fox could go for more involvement in the future. The Big 12 is looking for a new television rights agreement, and Fox and ESPN are also in talks. As for you, start looking for bookie pay per head providers so you can earn a good income on college football betting.


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