2022 MLB Playoffs Schedule

The 2022 MLB Playoffs are here, and we at BookieINTEL will be keeping you updated on the schedule, the bracket, scores, and what to expect in the most exciting part of the season. Now that we are down to the final four in the MLB’s postseason, we will be having a fun-filled weekend of baseball games. Your PPH sportsbook will also be filled with MLB wagers, so get ready for all the action coming in.

Much of the sports news coverage is looking at the Yankees, who are trying their best to barely hang on in the ALCS. The Yankees lost their first two games in Houston against the Astros. Game three is scheduled for Saturday night, and the LCs game will be followed by the NLCS game 4. Here, the Phillies will be hosting the Padres, and will be looking to add another win to their 2-1 series lead.

2022 MLB Playoffs

2022 MLB Playoffs ScheduleYour sportsbook pay per head operation will also be getting a lot of wagers all the way up to the World Series, so take note of the schedule of the games. Saturday, October 22, you have the Astros at Yankees for Game 3 at 5:07 PM, followed by Game 4 of Padres at Phillies at 7:45 PM. Sunday, October 3, will be Game 5 of the Padres at Phillies at 2:37 PM, after which we will have the Astros at Yankees for Game 4 at 7:07 PM.

If necessary, additional games will be held from Monday, October 24, to October 26. The busiest day for bookies will be the World Series. Game 1 will be on Friday, October 28. Game 2 will be on October 29, and Game 3 will be on October 31. November 1 will be Game 4. The World Series could end on that day, but if not, we will see Game 5 on November 2, Game 6 on November 4, and Game 7 on November 5, Saturday.


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