New MLB Playoffs Format

We only have a few days left before we officially say goodbye to the regular season, and welcome the postseason in the MLB. And with the New MLB Playoffs format, there is bound to be a few surprises. So, before we start reading the latest baseball news on the playoffs, let’s talk about the format and how it will affect the league, and your sportsbook as well.

When you bet on baseball, you need to know the schedule, and the structure of the playoffs. This will help you better predict the probabilities of the teams you are betting on. This is especially true for futures bets, especially if you have some money on the World Series as early as now.

This year, the league will be implementing a new format that will add a few more games, so at least we will all have more to look forward to.


New MLB Playoffs Format

New MLB Playoffs FormatThere will now be a 12-team postseason format, and will have a best-of-three Wild Card Series. Many baseball fans were initially hesitant of the Wild Card format, but now has grown into one of the most anticipated parts of the season. So far, most slots have been filled out, with the last NL East team left to be selected. In addition, five out of the six Wild Card spots are also up for grabs as well. Your pay per head sportsbook will still have a lot of action taking in wagers on the playoffs.

Since the matchups and the seedings for the playoffs will be different, make sure that you keep track of the latest MLB news. And if you are offering baseball betting in your sportsbook, get ready to manage your lines because the MLB postseason will give your sportsbook a boost in action and hopefully, revenue for the month.


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