Manila Jockey Club Halts Races

In the latest horse racing news, the Manila Jockey Club (MJC) has announced that after 155 years, one of Asia’s oldest horse racing clubs, will no longer hold horse races. The MJC announced in a statement that they will be focusing their efforts on their real estate business, such as the development and management/leasing of their existing properties.

Pending a new franchise, races will be halted. The board of the MJC believe that this will have no significant impact on the financial condition of the company, and will allow them to pivot to more stable revenue streams. Of course, nowadays, when you open a racebook, you will see that wagering is now not just with retail betting, but online as well.

Manila Jockey Club Halts RacesManila Jockey Club

Of course, horse racing is popular for retail horse betting since watching the races live is also a social event for many. But more practical bettors know to shop online for more options. With online horse betting, people can wager on more than just their local racetracks. This could be something to consider, especially for smaller racing clubs across the world.

What is next for the MJC? The MJC has diversified its interests over the years, dipping into gaming, real estate, leisure, travel and sports operations. Something that bookies should want to consider as well. If you read these pay per head reviews, you will see that you can also diversify your sports betting business by offering not just horse racing, but online casino gaming and online sports betting as well.

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By Dominic