Lewis Hamilton to Extend F1 Career for Mercedes

If you look at sports betting and bookie industry news, you will be reading about a lot of popular athletes who are stepping away from their sport. In the past few weeks, for instance, you have a few tennis stars who will be playing their last tournaments. In racing, the same could be said for Lewis Hamilton. But apparently, there is still some unfinished business as Hamilton will extend his F1 career to help Mercedes.

If you keep track of Formula 1 racing in the best bookie software, then you will see that Hamilton’s career, as well as Mercedes’, is not as good as it was during his peak. Many believe this to be how it happens when its time to retire. But the love for sport, and the people you work with, can extend that career, which is what Hamilton is doing.


Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton to Extend F1 Career for MercedesThere are around six races left, and Mercedes is yet to win a race. Hamilton himself is sitting at the bottom of the drivers’ standings. Both are wanting to face the challenge that Mercedes is having. If the two can work it out, Hamilton can wring out an eighth World Championship title. Both are anticipating the challenge of having to figure out how to fix everything, and climb back up to the top of the Formula 1.

Age is also a factor, as Hamilton is one of the oldest drivers in Formula 1. The oldest is Fernando Alonso, who will probably be in the circuit for the next century or so. Kidding aside, Sebastian Vettel will be retiring, so Hamilton will then be the second oldest player. Hamilton draws inspiration from the likes of Alonso, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and LeBron James. These athletes are already older in the world of sport, and continue to push themselves.

Hamilton is only 37, so he can still pursue the challenge working with Mercedes. And if you want to earn money on racing, then get the best sportsbook pay per head services and start offering sports betting instantly.


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