G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez Resigns from Position

G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez resigns from his position as his association with certain people have caused a lot of blowback. Last week, Rodriguez posted a video of him partying with Andrew Tate. Andrew Tate is a misogynistic content creator who has been banned in quite a lot of areas and organizations. When fans saw the video, social media blew up, causing a lot of problems not just for Rodriguez, but for G2 Esports as well.

When you learn how to become a bookie, you will realize that social issues can really affect sports, and eSports is not spared from that. In fact, the whole issue is said to have cost G2 almost $10 million. Initially, Tate defended his friendship and postured that he can hang out with anyone he wants to.

G2 Esports and Carlos Rodriguez

G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez Resigns from PositionHis loyalty to his friend, however, is ultimately put to the test, because the backlash was bad enough that when Riot Games announces their partner teams for the Valorant eSports League, G2 was not included. This is a huge deal as those who bet on esports know how valuable a partnership with a company like Riot Games is.

Initially, Rodriguez issued an apology, and was slapped with an eight-week unpaid leave sanction. It does not seem to be enough though. After such time, Rodriguez has announced that he was resigning his position in G2 eSports. G2 sports has also confirmed this, and reassures their fans that they support a diverse gaming community. However, no one knows if G2 can still save a partnership with Riot Games for Valorant. When it comes to sports betting, keep an eye out for this team in eSports wagers to see if they will manage to regain their steps in the industry.


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By Dominic