Field Hockey in the 2024 Paris Olympics

The Olympics are still quite a long time from happening, but sports betting fans are already looking forward to what they will see at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Field hockey, for instance, is one sport that fans are looking forward to seeing. Those who use a bookie PPH software are definitely familiar with Ice Hockey. But take out the ice, and you can still enjoy good old field hockey.

It is also one of the sports where gender balance is quite close to equal. Because out of the 30 million players of field hockey worldwide, 51% are women, and around 49% are men. The numbers are totally different from ice hockey, so the dynamics are different as well.

Field Hockey in the 2024 Paris Olympics

Field Hockey in the 2024 Paris OlympicsField hockey is not new in the Olympics, having first started back in 1908. The women’s game was not introduced until 1980. Historically, India is the most successful country, with eight golds, and six consecutive titles from 1928-1956. Other countries who are quite successful to the sport (and should be in your pph sportsbook betting lines) are Argentina, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and France.

Field hockey will be part of the 2024 Paris Olympics, from July 27-August 9, with a women’s 12-team tournament, and a men’s team tournament. This will be held tat the Yves du Manoir Stadium in Colombes, in France. This is the venue that first hosted the Paris Olympic games back in 1924. Should you want more updates on Olympic events, this bookie business resources page is incredibly helpful for sports bettors and bookies alike.


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By Dominic