The LA Dodgers win NL West title, again, in the latest in baseball news here at BookieINTEL. This is their 9th win of the division in the past 10 years. Los Angeles wins the title again last Tuesday, as they beat the Diamondbacks 4-0. Not only are they the first team to dominate the division, but they are also the first team to do so, and clinching a spot in the postseason.

Those who put in the Dodgers for the NL West will probably have a good payout, and bookies with pay per head sportsbook software will have no problems checking those wagers. The Dodgers are performing quite well. In fact, some baseball experts are saying that the Dodgers can end this season with the best run differential since the Yankees back in 1939.

Dodgers Win NL West

But those who keep track of gambling insight and statistics know that it was not smooth sailing for the Dodgers this season. For instance, Walker Buehler has not pitched since June 10. He also recently had to undergo surgery, so there will more time spent in recovery. You also have players like Blake Treinen, Clayton Kershaw, and more sitting out on games due to injuries.

The Dodgers, however, have had the win for quite some time now. Even before Tuesday’s game, they already have a comfortable lead against the second placer, Padres. If the Dodgers can go for hitting new records and gaining a Wild Card Series bye, then things will definitely be better. Of course, the challenge will always be about them competing and winning against other divisions in the postseason.


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By Dominic