College Football Week 2: What to Watch Out For

Much of football news is centered on the newly opened NFL season, with an explosive game where the Bills beat the Rams in an unbelievable 31-10 win. But those who are learning how to be a bookie already know something that will keep them in an advantage: even if you have the flashy NFL, college football is running, and its just as lucrative. Let’s take a look at what to look out for in college football Week 2.

Our college football news page will be featuring a lot of match ups for college football, but this week has a few good ones worth watching and betting on. First up, we have No. 1 Alabama visiting Texas in what could be the first great showdown for the week.



College Football Week 2: What to Watch Out ForCollege Football Week 2

Your bookie pay per head software will readily have betting lines for all of the games, so if its not mentioned here, you will be happy to see all the teams and games in your sportsbook. For instance, No. 25 Tennessee will visit No. 17 Alabama, No. 20 Kentucky will play No. 12 Florida. Baylor will also visit BYU in a late-night weekend game.

These games are some of what is getting a lot of action in sportsbooks across the country. If you remember from last year, the Tennessee-Pittsburgh game was one of the best games we have seen in the ACC campaign. Of course, before betting on your favorite college teams, make sure to check out the rosters to see what has changed from the past season. We are early into this season, and we are yet to see some of the schools perform with new rosters or coaching staff.


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By Dominic