Buffalo Bills Show Potential for Super Bowl

In most sportsbooks, the Buffalo Bills are favored to go to the Super Bowl. And in their first game of the season, they made a statement. A strong, 31-10 score statement. In the latest NFL News, we’ll give you our takeaways from the NFL season opener between the Buffalo Bills and champions LA Rams.

The Buffalo got past four turnovers, put up 31 points, and basically owned the second half of the game. It was one of the best season opening games many Bookie PPH software users have seen. Josh Allen gave us an impeccable performance, finishing 26 of 31 for 297 yards with 3 touchdowns and two interceptions in the win. He also rushed 56 yards on 10 carries, and a touchdown.

Buffalo Bills in the NFL Season Opener

Buffalo Bills Show Potential for Super BowlIt was Allen’s touchdown that gave them a 24-10 score which practically gave them the win. It is also the 32nd touchdown of Allen’s whole career, tying with a few players at the 14th most in NFL history. The Bills did well, and their defense forced three turnovers, all of which are interceptions. They had seven sacks on the night, with the Rams just at 3.7 per play. If you are wondering how bookies make money from taking bets, read the guide, and remember all the NFL stats that you can because this information helps bookies with line management.

Now, the Bills were not perfect, and its too early to tell if they can sustain this throughout the season. Their defense, however, is something they should strive to do every game all the way to the Super Bowl. Winning against the Rams, last season’s champions, gives a huge boost to the players, and to fans alike. With an amazing defense, with Allen proving why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, the Bills are definitely a team to root for this season.

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By Dominic