Where Will LeBron James Go Next Year?

The free agency is still not over, but many who bet on basketball are already looking at the next year. And rightly so, because next year, LeBron James will become a free agent. Throughout his career, James’ contracts have always been controversial, except perhaps for his most recent contract extension which was a pretty quiet deal. Well, as quiet as someone like LeBron can do, at least.

James’ last contract keeps him with the Lakers up to the end of the 2022-2023 season, which starts in a few months. As early as August 4, James can sign a new agreement with the Lakers. How much can he get? It’s a bit tricky, since the league has salary caps and a few other technicalities. For the next season, James will be earning $44.5 million. He can potentially earn $141.6 million in the next three seasons if he will re-sign his max.

LeBron James: Stay or Go?

Where Will LeBron James Go Next Year?When you learn how to be a bookie, news like this should be something to keep an eye out on. Not just for a prop bet, but because a player of James’ caliber can switch teams and affect the outcome of a whole conference in the NBA.

James could transfer or extend, and sign for two years. The league has a cap circumvention limit for older players so they cannot take in long-term contracts. This prevents players from signing for a long period, then retire and get paid for those years. The age for this is 38, and James will turn 38 this December.

But will James stay with the Lakers? Many in the sports industry believe so. James looks like he still wants to do more in LA. And with a pending extension, James can definitely use this as leverage to rebuild the team’s roster the way he wants to, something he has done in the past. The NBA star knows his worth, and knows how to get to the Championship, so either he gets his way with the Lakers, or he can explore other teams, like the Cavaliers, the Pacers, or the Nets. Get ready for whatever action will happen with this Bookie Business Directory.

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By Dominic