Patriots Rookie Tyquan Thornton Injury Update

Patriots rookie Tyquan Thornton suffered from a collarbone injury. The wide receiver for the New England Patriots was the topic in NFL news as he got injured in the upper-body. The second-round pick rookie was injured in their preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. Preseason games are a good opportunity for teams to test out their new hires, as well as see if the team works well together. Having a rookie get injured so early on is definitely a concern for the Patriots.

Fortunately, Thornton’s injury is not going to affect the whole season. Often we see season-ending injuries in the bookie PPH industry and sometimes these players can affect the outcome of their team if they are popular or good enough in the game.

Patriots Rookie Tyquan Thornton and His Injury

Patriots Rookie Tyquan Thornton Injury UpdateThornton’s collarbone injury will definitely be keeping him off the field for some time, but there were no specifics given, other than it was not season-ending. These injuries are something that bookies who use a bookie pay per head for the football season should keep track of. Especially for the likes of Thornton, who has been doing quite well in the training camp and the preseason. While he will be out, Jakobi Meyers, DeVante Parker, Nelson Agholor, and Kendrick Bourne are some players who will likely be playing while Thornton is recuperating.

Thornton and Parker are two of the wide receiver hires of the New England Patriots in the offseason. Thornton is expected to bring in more vertical speed to the offense. Some football experts are wondering what the Patriots’ offense will be. Aside from player injuries, game strategies will also likely be different this season, something those interested in football betting should definitely watch out for.


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By Dominic