Darren Waller of the Raiders has a lot to do, and time is not on his side. Tight end Waller, since the start of training camp, has been rumored to be looking for a new contract. But that is not the only reason we are reading about him quite a bit in football news. Waller is also recovering from a hamstring injury. In addition, he is also looking for a new agent, having left Klutch Sports Group.

Those who are into football betting may recognize Klutch, a sports agency that has quite a list of players, including LeBron James from the NBA. Waller, according to the NFL Players Association, will have to wait for at least 5 days before signing in a new agent.

Darren Waller in the NFL in the coming season, where will one find Waller in their bookie PPH sportsbook? There are only around two weeks left, and with no agent, no contract, we do not know where Waller will end up in. Many speculate that Waller left Klutch because of their failure to get him to sign again with the Raiders. Waller is still under contract until 2023, because of his 4-year, $30 million extension back in 2019. This year, he will earn $6.8 million, and $7 million on the last year of the contract.

The Raiders’ coach, Josh McDaniels, has already praised Waller and what he can deliver with the Raiders in the coming season. Waller could probably be looking for a better salary on a long-term extension. This would me him one of the highest paid tight ends in the league. But some are hesitant since Waller is coming off from injuries, so we do not know if and when he will be playing. Basically, the Raiders want to keep him, but they do not want to spend more. Waller better sign an agent soon.


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By Dominic