COD Challengers Championship to Give $250,000 Prize Pool

The COD Challengers Championship is one of the most awaited events in the esports bookie industry this August. The Call of Duty community will be watching the tournament this August 5-6, and is one of the biggest amateur esports events of the year. This will be held alongside the Call of Duty League Championship in Los Angeles.

This year, however, the format will be different, so make sure you check your gambling software for this. The regional format will not be used. Before, they had a regional finals with tournaments in the EU, NA, and APAC. These events took up to a week to complete, with around 32 teams per region. But now, it will be one tournament, one prize, with only 8 teams.

COD Challengers Championship

COD Challengers Championship to Give $250,000 Prize PoolThis particular tournament is popular in the industry because it’s a great platform for amateurs to find out how good they are at a truly competitive level. This is also a great opportunity for them to get noticed by profession eSports teams and end up in larger eSports tournaments, or maybe in the future, even eSports in the Olympics.

The 8 teams that will compete qualify because of their Global Pro Points ranking, and everyone will still win something. The 7th-8th placers will take home $5,000, the 5th-6th placers $10,000, while the 5th placer will take home $20,000. Meanwhile the top 3rd team will bring home $40,000, the 2nd placer $60,000. The Champion team will bring home a whopping $100,000. It’s a very generous purse for an amateur competition. If you are into betting on eSports events, then keep an eye out on Team Xposed, a very experienced team. Previous winners to keep track of are the Renegades, the Atlas Lions, and We Are Trying Now. Ultra Academy NA and Iron Blood Gaming are also some teams to watch.


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By Dominic