MLB Trade Deadline Looms Closer

The MLB trade deadline looms closer, and baseball news sites are still reporting on the possible trades that can happen in a week’s time. Of course, a lot of eyes are on Juan Soto, the remaining most high-profile player yet to be traded. But aside from Soto, who else should we be keeping track of?

Of course, there are a lot more players who many are looking forward to seeing from. These trades can be pivotal to a team’s ability to perform better next season. In addition, many gambling news sites are also looking at the trade wagers that people can make until the trades are announced.

Since everyone who bets on football will want to know where Soto will be by the time we will see the World Baseball Classic, we’re taking a look at the non-Soto, but reliable players in the league. Of course, Luis Castillo is a name that comes to mind almost instantly. Castillo is the top starting pitcher in the market, and with the Reds fixing their roster, they may not want to risk a probable shoulder injury take down his value and may go for a trade.

MLB Trade Deadline

MLB Trade Deadline Looms CloserWillson Contreras is another name that we should be monitoring, as he is a great defensive player. The Cubs may get something good with a Contreras trade, and a lot of teams will jump at the chance to sign the catcher. JD Martinez also plays well, but may possibly hold more value for the Red Sox if he were traded. One thing that Martinez has going for him, is that he will be able to adjust well into any of a number of teams’ rosters seamlessly.

The MLB Trade deadline will be on August 2, so we are less than a week away. And given that there will be an extended postseason, we may see a lot more trades than usual this year. We’ll know more in the next few days, and in the meantime, check your sportsbooks for the latest trade wagering options you can earn from.


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By Dominic