Warriors vs Celtics Betting Picks – Game 2 of NBA Finals Predictions

Game 1 of the Warriors vs Celtics NBA Finals was an exciting rollercoaster ride. Golden State took complete control of the early part of the game. Then, however, they collapsed in the last quarter, which allowed Boston to take the victory.

Golden State wants to prevent another collapse in the second game of the NBA Finals. According to basketball news reports, the Warriors failed to score in nearly five minutes in the fourth quarter. However, they stopped the drought with a three-pointer in the game’s final moments.

Warriors vs Celtics Betting Picks

Warriors vs Celtics Betting Picks – Game 2 of NBA Finals PredictionsBoston went small to start the fourth with Derrick White and Payton Pritchard in the backcourt. Accordingly, they dialed back Steph Curry’s scoring skills. However, like the case in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics have some control over the series, assuming they stay away from direct blunders.

Neither of the teams will likely shoot better in Game 2 after they united for an NBA Finals record of 40 3-pointers. The idea of shots wasn’t outstandingly high, and the Celtics got spike creation from White and Al Horford. Boston had the choice to get defensively and hold the Warriors to a 76 negative rating in the last quarter, and a part of that power should proceed.

As per sports news reports, the Warriors can avoid another breakdown by being more engaged with the ball. They had exceptional possibilities over the first three quarters. Likewise, they constrained Boston to scramble to a three-point region. Nonetheless, they allowed up 26 additional scoring opportunities with twelve offensive rebounds. Boston should improve at boxing out and limiting those entryways. You can beat other sportsbook operators by providing better odds for the next game if you have a sportsbook.

Our Conclusion

Gametime: 06/05/2022 at 8:00 PM ET

Bet on Golden Warriors at +170

The Warriors will try hard to win Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Also, Curry will beat the Celtics’ defense with the incredible offense.

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