Oilers vs Canucks Betting Picks – NHL Predictions

The Oilers vs Canucks game on October 13, 2021 is the first match between the two teams for the season.

Vancouver lost their last game against Calgary Flames 6-2. Their offensive zone starts were 43.9 percent. In addition, they had a PDO of 81 in the match.

Oilers vs Canucks Betting Picks

Oilers vs Canucks Betting Picks – NHL PredictionsThe Canucks reportedly won 25 games against opponents of equal strength at even strength and lost 25 times when attempting to take possession of the puck. According to bookie pay per head experts, the difference between their 32 Fenwick and their 38 Fenwick Against was their Fenwick percentage of 45.7 percent. Canucks’ Corsi was at -39, while the opposition’s Fenwick percentage was at -45. As the result showed, their Corsi was 46.4 percent.

In contrast, Vancouver racked up 14 minutes of penalty time during this competition. To add insult to injury, they had five opportunities with extra men on the ice but only managed to score once. Unfortunately, the Canucks’ night of going full-bore on the offensive side of the ice backfired. As a result, about every other shot they take on goal will result in a goal for them.

The Canucks had 1,870 shots directed at them and a save percentage of.900, according to various sports news outlets. The Canucks had a -150 goal differential when playing even strength. The 183 strategic maneuver opportunities faced by the Canucks’ opponents ranked third in the NHL.

The Canucks scored 37 times in those situations. They finished with 50 points last season, suitable for a points scoring rate of.446. Based on data gathered from the bookie industry news reports, Vancouver shot 9.1 percent of the time on 1,629 attempts. The Vancouver Canucks scored 148 goals last season, good for 24th in the NHL, and allowed 187, which ranked dead last. Vancouver scored 27 goals while taking advantage of 155 opportunities created by strategic maneuvers, giving them a 17.42 percent success rate.

Our Conclusion

Gametime: 10/13/2021 at 10:00 PM ET

Bet on the Oilers at -175

Last year, the Oilers attempted 1,674 shots, good for an 11 percent shooting percentage. They also gave the other team 1,717 shooting opportunities.

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