Massachusetts Sports Betting Regulators Turned Down DraftKings' Request

DraftKings wanted to revise the timeline for the sports wagering launch in the Bay State. However, Massachusetts sports betting regulators turned down the request. DraftKings wanted to launch retail and online sports wagering at the same time. Currently, they are scheduled to launch in January and March, respectively.

DraftKings argued that the commission’s existing timeframe would unfairly limit consumer choice and safeguards, stifle the state’s sports wagering market, and disfavor mobile first operators like DraftKings.

However, the company’s arguments ultimately failed to convince Massachusetts regulators, who spent two days earlier this month settling on the delayed rollout for legal sports betting.

Massachusetts Sports Betting Regulators to Keep Sports Betting Timeline

Massachusetts Sports Betting Regulators Turned Down DraftKings' RequestThis decision by the gaming commission earlier this month ensures that Massachusetts will introduce retail sports betting at casinos by the end of January and throughout the state via internet sports betting solutions by the beginning of March.

That may offer DraftKings’ competitors an opening to make their presence known and attract player attention before DK enters the fray. Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM, and WynnBET, with which the three Massachusetts casinos are affiliated, are DraftKings’ competitors.

And since DraftKings’s headquarters are in Boston, the company’s perspective is somewhat weighted in the state. According to sports betting software reports, the business stated that allowing certain operators to operate before others creates an unlevel playing field.

The authorities rejected DraftKings’ proposed revisions to the schedule, despite the company’s compelling reasons in favor of the alterations.

There was some understanding of DraftKings’ worries about competition, but there was also fear that adjusting the timeframe may further postpone the introduction of mobile sports betting.

Commissioner Jordan Maynard expressed worry about the information that may be acquired at a betting kiosk at a land-based sportsbook and then transferred to an online sportsbook.

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