FanDuel Becomes the Official NFL Sportsbook in Canada

In recent, years, FanDuel has been doing its best to get a large piece of the North American Sports Betting market. They have been growing at a tremendous rate by adding more sportsbooks to their portfolio and creating more beneficial partnership. Their latest partnership headline is FanDuel Becomes the Official NFL Sportsbook in Canada.

The NFL and FanDuel are already partners in the U.S. and want to strengthen that relationship by expanding into Canada.

FanDuel Becomes the Official NFL Sportsbook in CanadaAccording to the latest bookie news, FanDuel is equally focused on growing in Canada as well as the United States. Furthermore, the company hopes to pivot towards new jurisdictions as soon as they become available. The official partnership between the NFL and the sportsbook will give Canadian football fans a better opportunity to engage with the sport.

Thanks to this expanded partnership in North America, though, FanDuel will have the right to use the NFL IP, assets, and brand visibility in order to boost its own offer while creating value-added products to connect with sports fans. FanDuel will also explore other fantasy and free-to-play options.

This means that FanDuel can create and launch various fantasy games and NFL-themed campaigns to boost the league and its own visibility, including exclusive and worthwhile offers such as trips to the Super Bowl and tickets, among other benefits to players.

FanDuel Becomes the Official NFL Sportsbook in Canada – Commits to Responsible Gambling

FanDuel will also be advertised on NFL digital channels which will give the sportsbook an additional boost and positioning in the Canadian and US markets. Commenting on this opportunity, FanDuel Canada general manager Dale Hooper said:

This partnership will enable the NFL to provide fans in Canada with a deeper and more entertaining experience, drive engagement and boost the organization and sports’ reach, said NFL Canada director of corporate partnerships Gavin Kemp:

FanDuel will also leverage its partnership with TSN and ensure that it works on exclusive NFL broadcasts targeting the Canadian market specifically. FanDuel will integrate its sports betting platform seamlessly into the TSN and provide viewers with a different point of view of the sports betting experience. New NFL stories will be coming each week.

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